Lifesprk – John F

“MJ Kretsinger designed and also coordinated the development activities of our redesigned website.

As a developer by background, my one concern was whether the design could be turned into a functional website that was both visually similar to the original design, built in modern technology (responsive) and easy to maintain by non development staff at my company. Mike’s team delivered on the trifecta. The website is identical to the design (shocking so), well built in the latest responsive and HTML5 techniques.

Like any project, items came up that required discussion but we could be very open and honest with each other and ultimate found solutions in all cases. We also pulled in some project management in house to help keep our accelerated timeline.

MJ Kretsinger also did print design work for us as well using the same creative styling from the web. It was really nice having consistency across multiple media types.

Finally the project came in on time and under budget which is really nice (and I find really rare) to see that from a creative firm.

All in all, I would recommend him and his creative firm and the development team itself.”