Two TV Commercials For TRIA

MJ Kretsinger (, a Minneapolis based digital agency, produced two TV commercials for TRIA Orthopaedic Center that are airing on major Twin Cities television networks throughout 2015. TRIA offers comprehensive orthopaedic care – from diagnosis to treatment to surgery – at one convenient location in Bloomington, Minnesota. Their walk-in clinic is open 7 days a week. TRIA, a partner of the Minnesota Vikings, Twins, and Wild, looked to us to develop a campaign to promote the fact that they are not just for professional athletes, but for everyone.

1. “Hockey Dreamer” Commercial (Click to View)

This light hearted commercial features a store clerk who, while sweeping, gets caught up in a dream of becoming a professional hockey player. Since the television commercial will be aired heavily during the Minnesota state boys and girls hockey tournament, we felt it was a great opportunity to have a little fun. The spot is targeted at mom, but we also wanted it to be cool, fun, memorable and resonate with teens since they are also a key influencer of mom.

2. “Runner” Commercial (Click to View)

This television commercial is a testimonial featuring a female runner. In the commercial, she explains how TRIA treated her like a professional athlete even though she isn’t one. Their top doctors and physical therapists had her back running again in just 6 weeks!

Company Overview

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