Schweiss Recognizes MJK For Its Work

When our clients are happy, we are happy. Schweiss, an MJ Kretsinger client, has been very pleased with the responsive website and brand identity we created for them and recently posted an article on their blog. 

“After seeing some of the stellar work that Mike Kretsinger’s Minneapolis digital advertising agency has gained acclaim for, we decided to see what they could do to enhance our hydraulic door website at as well.” Mike Schweiss, Owner, Schweiss

Schweiss is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. Schweiss doors are used everywhere from industrial, commercial, agriculture, and aviation applications to residential applications as well. Schweiss’ list of clients includes Under Armour, Red Bull, Ritz Carlton, AT&T Stadium, Harley Davidson and Old Navy.

As one of the top advertising and digital agencies in Minneapolis, we understand how important traditional and digital marketing is when it comes to building a successful business.  We are so glad that Schweiss shares this understanding with us and reached out to us for help.  Not many companies have the expertise to design an attractive and comprehensive user-friendly website on there own, and that’s where we come in. 

Schweiss reached out to our agency for help with a new brand identity and responsive website design. We were excited and honored to partner with Schweiss and accepted the challenge to continue producing world-class design for a world-class company. Our major objective was to enhance the website design to make it more contemporary, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The previous website didn’t really capture the beauty of the doors or do Schweiss’ work the justice that it deserves. The doors Schweiss makes are amazing and beautiful in many ways. We wanted to put greater emphasis on the doors using large photography along with messaging that expounded on the quality, durability and all the other characteristics that make Schweiss doors special. This was a great opportunity to make the site and the brand larger than life, just like Schweiss doors. 

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Building A Brand Identity For Richard Leider

“The most fortunate people on earth are those who have found a calling that’s bigger than they are – that moves them and fills their lives with constant passion, aliveness, and growth.”
-Richard Leider

Richard Leider is widely recognized as one of the top executive coaches in the world, for his work helping 100,000 leaders from more than 50 corporations discover the power of purpose in work and life. He is the author of nine books, including the best-selling personal growth classics “The Power of Purpose” and “Repacking Your Bags.” He also wrote “Something to Live For” and “Claiming Your Place at the Fire,” which were hailed as breakthrough books on the subject of positive aging and life transitions.

During the past year our agency has worked with Richard Leider to design and develop a new brand identity, responsive website and various pieces of marketing collateral. As part of his brand identity, we created a purple baobob tree graphic that has grown to become an integral part of Richard’s brand. In addition to being used on his business cards, marketing collateral and presentations that are viewed by audiences worldwide, the iconic graphic was recently used as the backdrop for his PBS premier “The Power of Purpose.” The goal of the PBS special was to help people discover the key to happiness and fulfillment by understanding and acting upon your life’s purpose. We are honored to partner with Richard and are thrilled to see his success!

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