Building A Brand Identity For Richard Leider

“The most fortunate people on earth are those who have found a calling that’s bigger than they are – that moves them and fills their lives with constant passion, aliveness, and growth.”
-Richard Leider

Richard Leider is widely recognized as one of the top executive coaches in the world, for his work helping 100,000 leaders from more than 50 corporations discover the power of purpose in work and life. He is the author of nine books, including the best-selling personal growth classics “The Power of Purpose” and “Repacking Your Bags.” He also wrote “Something to Live For” and “Claiming Your Place at the Fire,” which were hailed as breakthrough books on the subject of positive aging and life transitions.

During the past year our agency has worked with Richard Leider to design and develop a new brand identity, responsive website and various pieces of marketing collateral. As part of his brand identity, we created a purple baobob tree graphic that has grown to become an integral part of Richard’s brand. In addition to being used on his business cards, marketing collateral and presentations that are viewed by audiences worldwide, the iconic graphic was recently used as the backdrop for his PBS premier “The Power of Purpose.” The goal of the PBS special was to help people discover the key to happiness and fulfillment by understanding and acting upon your life’s purpose. We are honored to partner with Richard and are thrilled to see his success!

To view Richard’s Responsive Website and Identity project, click here.

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